I am because you are

Rooted. Balanced. Sustained

The Ubuntu Flames candle experience is not just sensory modality, it is a unique channel for a person on a self development and personal evolution journey. We see ourselves in a partnership with you because we see ourselves in you. Whether it is after a long day's work with your glass of wine or after putting the kids down at night or as you soak up in your tub to recoup from life's everyday's challenges or during your grounding intentional meditation, Ubuntu Flames is your partner to remind you that you are enough and that you are worthy of pouring back into. We carry our own signature scents but because we understand the uniqueness of your circumstances so we offer custom made scents too. Our promise to you is that we will continue to create a product that will hold space for you as you continue to disinter all the different parts of you and come to a better knowledge of yourself